The Circletime Philosophy

Circletime is working hard to improve the parenting experience!

Early childhood development is a family affair, but it’s a societal need. We see every parent as an asset and every family as a resource. By working together, we help families create their own support networks to face the wide-ranging challenges they face in raising whole, healthy children. We are pioneering the concept of families play-learning together and are committed to making sure all parents can tap into our content.

Vision and Mission

Circletime envisions a world in which all children are provided opportunities to lead productive lives and become strong contributors to society. We believe this can only happen with a proactive approach to democratizing prevention and intervention when they are most effective - in the critical but short window of early childhood.

Who We Serve

Circletime tools and services can benefit all families. Our primary focus is to empower parents and children 0-8 years old.

What We Do

Circletime advances education and well-being by providing live, interactive “Mommy and Me” classes that are convenient (and engaging) for parents and (fun and) educational for children. Every group session is led by a certified subject-matter expert. The hands-on sessions are evidence-based and promote healthy play activities that continue beyond the class.

Our Partners

We work with early childhood educators, practitioners and providers, developmental psychologists who are experts in children’s media and technology, family advocates, and philanthropists.