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History Rocks
Sing songs from different eras to explore the history of rock and roll and important events in history.
Yoga 'Round the World
Go on yoga imagination adventures around the world, exploring places, ecosystems, and animals!
Become all kinds of fun characters - acting out their stories using only your body, voice, and imagination!
Yoga Adventure
Go on an exciting yoga adventure where every session is a story and every pose is a fun animal.
Interactive Storytime
These stories are more than just reading. Listen and interact with the teacher.
Sing and dance with great kids songs and folk songs that are fun, therapeutic and engaging.

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History Rocks

Mon, 7/6, 11:00am EST
Ages: 5-8

Uton Onyejekwe
Buddha Belly Kids Yoga

Tue, 7/7, 9:00am EST
Ages: 0-4

Erin Bracco
Full STEaM Ahead

Tue, 7/7, 12:00pm EST
Ages: 5-8

Katie Bain
Story Party

Tue, 7/7, 3:00pm EST
Ages: 2-6

Allie Fogel
Playing with Colors

Wed, 7/8, 10:00am EST
Ages: 3-5

Trish Camier

Wed, 7/8, 11:00am EST
Ages: 6-8

Brian Pollock

Wed, 7/8, 3:00pm EST
Ages: 4-6

Gabbie Fried
First Words We Heard

Thu, 7/9, 11:00am EST
Ages: 4-7

Kemi Sobowale
Sing and Dance

Thu, 7/9, 3:00pm EST
Ages: 3-6

Shelley Dean
Interactive Storytime

Fri, 7/10, 9:00am EST
Ages: 2-6

Dalesha Smallwood
Zen Space Paper Play

Fri, 7/10, 11:00am EST
Ages: 3-6

Lisa Frechette
Creative Ballet

Fri, 7/10, 3:00pm EST
Ages: 2-5

Maria Hanley


Early childhood experts will lead you and your kids in engaging subject-specific play sessions.


Wherever you have a screen, you have Circletime. Sessions are available when you need them most.

Fun and Social

You will get a chance to engage with other parents and your kids will leave each session loaded with ideas to continue playing on their own.

Why Circletime

You are the key to your child's success! Circletime shows you how.

The National Education Association confirms that family engagement is profoundly impactful in children’s long-term educational achievements. It finds that the most significant type of involvement is what parents do at home. With Circletime, families create healthy learning habits and routines that will take them beyond the early years into their children’s formal educational journey.

Circletime educators will do fun activities with you and your child and show you more activities that your child can do offline. All without breaking the bank.


Circletime sessions are led by world class experts in early childhood education and developmental psychology.
Circletime selects experts in their fields to lead sessions with their age specific tried and true curriculums.
Every educator is vetted to ensure your child's safety.

You & Your Child

Circletime provides the same social emotional experience as circle time in a classroom, but conveniently online, with family and friends and led by certified experts. Your 0-8 year old child will learn something new in each session. They will spend less time begging for the ipad and more time playing the way kids should.

Learn more about the Circletime Philosophy.   

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